In the Nude with a Book: A Widow’s Quiet Reverie

Delphin Enjolras was a French academic painter who lived from 1857 Coucouron to 1945 Toulouse. Enjolras primarily used watercolor, oil, and pastels for painting portraits and interiors. He is well renowned for his close-up photographs of young girls engaged in traditional pursuits like reading or stitching, which are frequently lit by lamplight or dагk illumination.

Perhaps his most famous work is the “Young Woman Reading by a wіпdow”. He would become an excellent painter of nudes, and many of his later works, such as “La Sieste” are of an sensual nature.From 1890 and onwards, Enjolras exhibited his works at the Paris Salon, joining the Société des Artistes Français in 1901. Also, the Musée du Puy and Musée d’Avignon both have collections of his works.