Fusing Ukrainian Beauty with Vienna Secession: Artem Rogovoi’s Artistic Masterpieces

Artem Rogovoi (b. 1988) is a Ukrainian artist from Kharkiv (Eastern Ukraine). His paintings, accomplished in the recognizable ɱaпner of Klimt (the artist uses gold), combine a modernist approach and native aesthetics (the images of sunflowers, fields, wicker fences with pottery, the stove, embroidered rushnyks (towels), and so on). The female nudity, which appears as the main motif of Rogovoi’s images, is surrounded by intricate patterns similar to those in shunga

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Fig. 2. Pears mosaic, 2016 (arts.in.ua)

Fig. 4. instagram.com

Fig. 5. Sunflower Sensation (instagram.com)

Fig. 6. Sleepy Flower (instagram.com)


In 2014, Artem Rogovoi graduated from the Kharkiv State Academy of Design and Fine Arts as a specialist in restoring easel and monumental paintings. His primary artistic training Rogovoi received at the Kharkiv Art College, where he later worked as a teacher. The restoration studies allowed the artist to learn different painting techniques, such as yolk tempera, frescoes, and gilding, which, as he admits himself, made him feel free in terms of artistic self-expression. The artist claims that being a perfectionist, he “is constantly dissatisfied with his work and continually tries to improve upon each ріeсe” (arcadiacontemporary.com). Besides female nudes

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, he also produces still lives and landscapes. His works regularly appear in the Arcadia Contemporary group exhibitions. This year, one of his pieces (fig. 3) is shown at Five And Under exposition, NY. Some of Rogovoi’s paintings can also be seen on arts.in.ua. The artist has a Patreon account (rogovoiart) where you can support his creation.

Fig. 8. Warm Evening (arts.in.ua)

Fig. 9. The Red Sun (instagram.com)

Fig. 11. Autumn toᴜсһ (instagram.com)

Fig. 12. Beechwood songs (arts.in.ua)

Fig. 12a. Beechwood songs, detail (instagram.com)