Forging Gold Legacy: Crafting a 100-Kilogram Brooch at Home

In France, a man inherited his parent’s estate and made the decision to close down the family home.

Within the confines of the house, even in the bathroom, under the table, and between the chair legs, a hidden treasure of 100 kg of gold was discovered meticulously concealed behind solid systems. The proprietor had safeguarded this wealth in a wooden casket.

This residence houses a remarkable amount of 100 kg of gold, including coins, ingots, and gold bars. (Image source: Breakingnews)

Subsequently, the homeowner unearthed a collection of gold bars that underwent testing at other locations.

The total amount of preserved gold amounts to five thousand pieces, consisting of two 12 kg gold bars and thirty-seven 1 kg gold bars. The overall value of these treasures is estimated to be approximately 3.5 million euros, equivalent to around 84.5 billion Vietnamese dong.

Đào được kho vàng 100 kg trong ngôi nhà thừa kế - 2

Under the foundations of this house lie 100 kg of gold, including coins, ingots, and gold bars. (Image source: IbTimes)

According to certificates found on the deceased owner’s property, it is presumed that the gold was acquired in the 1950s and 1960s.

The fortunate discoverer of this treasure left by the former owner, however, faces the obligation to pay a 45% inheritance tax. If the deceased owner did not declare the gold previously, the heir will have to settle the accumulated inheritance tax within a three-year period.

100kg vàng được chôn giấu trong ngôi nhà này gồm các loại vàng xu, vàng miếng, vàng thỏi. (Nguồn ảnh Telegraph)

In this house, 100 kg of gold is stored, including gold coins, gold bars, and gold ingots. (Image source: The Telegraph)