Exploring 19th Century Existence Through Vasily Perov’s Artworks.

From the paintings of the Russian painter Vasily Perov, we can look at how people lived in the 19th century. He painted ordinary life scenes, and therefore his works have not only cultural, but also һіѕtoгісаɩ value.

Arriving at the investigation 1857

Village procession at Easter 1861

Tea party in Mytishchi, near Moscow 1862

Dilettante 1862

Orphans at the cemetery 1864

Seeing off the deceased 1865

Another by the pool 1865

Arrival of the governess to the merchant’s house 1866

Clean Monday 1866

Troika. Apprentice craftsmen carrying water 1866

Scene by the railroad 1868

Self-taught janitor 1868

To Trinity-Sergius 1870

Sleeping children 1870

On the eve of the bachelorette party. Seeing the bride oᴜt of the bathhouse 1870

һᴜпteгѕ at rest 1871

Grandfather and granddaughters 1871


1871 Inveterate 1873

Botanist 1874

Janitor giving the apartment to the mistress [Author’s version-repetition] 1878

Blessed 1879

Fishermen. (Priest, deacon and seminarian) 1879