Embarking on a Sensual Odyssey: Exploring the World of Achille Devéria’s Art

A Sensual Journey Around the World with Achille Devéria

Over time, this collection of 12 lithographs from 1843 that show personal relationships in different nations has been given several different names, including Autour du monde and Types de différents pays. Due of its distinctive style, the set has been credited to French painter Achille Devéria (1800–1857).

Lesbian Theme

Devéria clearly had a fascination with Italy (or at least what would eventually become Italy in the 1860s) by including Venice (Fig.11) and Naples (Fig.4). ѕtгіkіпɡ is the plate depicting a lesbian rendezvous with the masturbating harem leader behind the сᴜгtаіп which Devéria saved for the Muslim scene in Fig.6.



Fig.1. ‘Scottish‘



Fig.2. ‘Swiss‘



Fig.3. ‘Indian‘



Fig.4. ‘Neapolitan‘



Fig.5. ‘Spanish‘



Fig.6. ‘Muslims (Sérail – Palais du sultan, dans l’ancien Empire ottoman)‘




Fig.7. ‘Polish‘



Fig.8. ‘French (16th century)‘



Fig.9. ‘Chinese‘



Fig.10. ‘Persian‘



Fig.11. ‘Venetian (’Pour des soupirs’ (for the sighs), the subtitle of the Venetian scene, refers to the Bridge of Sighs)‘



Fig.12. ‘Greeks – The Souliotes‘ (They were from an Eastern Orthodox community of the area of Souli)