Diana Out of the Bath: Discover the beauty that stepped out of Louis XV’s bath, not the mythical goddess

Diana was Artemis in the Greek myth and also the moon goddess and Artemis. She was the daughter of Zeus and Leto, also the twin sisters of Apollo. Two nude figures were in the painting; the right one was Diana with moon ornaments on her head. She was famous for her beauty and cruelty. The painter’s objective was not the myth itself, but referred to the female naked body in the palace of Louis XV.

Reportedly, what the artist painted was the special model in the studio—Miufei sister. The painter made the ideal processing. From the shape and color performance, this painting was a superior work. However, this painting was too beautiful and exciting. Jose and Leto gave birth to the sun goddess Apollo and Luna Diana. Diana was the goddess of Artemis. The two sisters were always what the painter liked to depict.

Diana Getting Out of Her Bath

Francois Boucher was committed to depicting the goddess who had the tender and rosy body and delicate skin. In this painting, the kitsch style of the human body was stroke out.

This painting was more of the beauty getting out of the bath of Louis XV than the mythological goddess. The painter tried to portray the body beauty of naked women, tiny limbs, soft and white skin, plump and solid body. The naked body was very sexy and attractive. The curve extending from the neck to the arm and chest was very bright and dazzling to the eyes.

One critic believed that the goddess bathing painting was the most artistic nude painting of Boucher. Here, not only her young body, delicate wrists and ankles, but also her graceful posture and slightly reflected light showed an excess of exquisite.

The things placed nearby showed the hunting bows of the goddess, hound and prey as inconsistent with the character style. The painting featured the main characters Diana and the maid. The painter deliberately focused on the feminine and delicate body and noble temperament. In fact, the figures in the painting were the sister of two special models Miufei.

The artist gave the painting with the ideal and full modeling accuracy and rich sense of color terms, which was worthy of a masterpiece of Boucher.