“Snake Ьіte һoггoг: аttасked While Using the Bathroom”

A woman was bitten by a snake while hitchhiking to a relative’s toilet in Brisbane, Australia, earlier this week.
Helen Richards, 59, suffered several small punctures after being attacked by a 1.5 meter snake on January 22. “I jumped off the toilet and turned around to see what looked like a long-necked turtle in it,” the victim said.

Jasmine Zeleny, who caught the snake, said this snake is often found in the water area of ​​the toilet because of the hot weather.

This person said the victim was treated for small bites with antiseptic because this snake is relatively harmless.

The snake was pulled out of the toilet. Photo: Jasmine Zeleny

The snake is 1.5 m long hiding in the toilet. Photo: Jasmine Zeleny

Ms Zeleny explained to the BBC: “Unfortunately the snake’s exit was blocked when Mrs. Richards was using the toilet so it attacked her in fear. When I got there she stopped the snake. The snake crawled away and was very calm. Mrs. Richards handled the situation like an experienced person.”

The snake found in the toilet is a common species along the east coast of Australia. Although they are not venomous, people who are bitten are advised to be vaccinated against tetanus.

Australia has experienced two weeks of heat with record high temperatures. A number of wildlife species have been severely affected, with many reported deaths of native horses, bats and fish.